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Modern leadership requires the ability to combine traditional leadership principles with the growth of the workforce's social networks.  Leaders must prize these networks as their structures foster innovation and buy-in.

These networks also highlight political relationships. 

One of the primary challenges leaders face is the failure to successfully understand and navigate organizational politics. A leader’s career can stall because s/he is not politically savvy.

How do you know if you are savvy?  

In addition to achieving ambitious goals, you are savvy if you have:

  • An understanding of your organization’s politics;
  • The ability to influence;
  • Access to the right people to advance your agenda;
  • Power and knowledge of how to gain more;
  • The capability to build supportive relationships and coalitions through social networks.  

Leaders get in their own way because they believe organizational politics are “dirty” or unethical. Organizational politics in itself is not dishonest; it is how leaders engage in it that can be immoral. 

Dr. Fritsch can help. She created a unique, step-by-step model of personal politics (TPP) that focuses on building self-awareness, learning key skills, such as influencing, developing the underpinning social networks and gaining political power.  All of these practices can be accomplished while maintaining your integrity.

Dr. Fritsch will coach you or conduct workshops to:

  • Identify the politics in your organization.
  • Ascertain your position within the political system.
  • Augment your skills and natural personality traits to become savvy.
  • Gain and use power in an ethical manner.
  • Achieve challenging goals that further your career.
  • Develop political savvy skills.
  • Create empowering social networks.

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Theory of Personal Politics ModelPolitical Savvy Model

Dr. Fritsch’s Theory of Personal Politics (TPP)model is based upon well-known theories of international politics. Each level is nested within another to illustrate how individuals navigate through different layers to accomplish their goals.

The Logo

Teal-Green Peacock JPEGThe peacock symbolizes renewal, courage, and knowledge across many cultures - renewal because it loses and regenerates its feathers annually; courage because it can kill a poisonous snake and not be harmed; and knowledge as indicated by the ‘eyes’ in the feather pattern.  Dr. Fritsch believes leaders can reinvent themselves, have the courage to face formidable challenges, and develop awareness of themselves and their organizations to achieve their professional and personal goals.